Το τηλεγράφημα του Βρετανού Κυβερνήτη της Κύπρου, Sir Robert Armitage στον Βρετανό Υπουργό Αποικιών, Alan Lennox-Boyd για την 1η Απρίλιου

“Between 0.45 and 1.15 hours this morning a number of Government buildings in Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca were damaged by explosions. Attempt to blow up an ordnance depot at Famagusta was unsuccessful (repeat unsuccessful).

2. The C.B.S. Station at Nicosia was severely damaged and all (repeat all) transmitters were totally destroyed. Station will be off the air indefinitely.

3. Apart from C.B.S., damage to other buildings, which included the Secretariat, Police Station, Commissioner’s Office, Wolseley Barracks, Lakatamia Signal Station, etc., believed to be generally slight. Damage at Larnaca reported as extensive.

4. No (repeat no) casualties reported, but bomb was thrown at police officer’s house in Larnaca.

5. Further details will be telegraphed soon as available”.

Τέτοια ώρα (περίπου) η ΕΟΚΑ άρχισε να κάνει αισθητή την ένοπλη δράση της, 66 χρόνια πριν. Η έναρξη της τελευταίας εθνικοαπελευθερωτικής επανάστασης του ελληνισμού ήταν πια γεγονός…

Του Andreas Karyos

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